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Photo of designer Nicole Schmidt 
Photographer : @theundefinedphotography

Forgotten Lockett  has a well-deserved cult following. Since 2016, we have been known as a top alternative clothing boutique in New Zealand. Designing and manufacturing quality handmade items for the unique adventurous soul.

Founded in 2015 by a one woman show, designer and creative Nicole Schmidt.  With a background of fashion, Make-up artistry,  modeling and a family of artists with multimedia talents.  These many skills come into life to form Forgotten Lockett. The dark, edgy, whimsical aesthetic comes from Nicole's style and beliefs. Working with tarot, astrology and love of mythology. Many of our items have deeper meanings and themes.
Now in 2022 we are running a small team out of  Central Hawkes Bay New Zealand  manufacturing and shipping worldwide. Ethically made, we care for our workers and environment. focusing on creating sustainable fashion with a difference. We believe sustainable fashion doesn't have to be bland or generic and focus on making items you will treasure 

Forgotten Lockett believes there is beauty in our differences, they are truly what makes us special. Each creation has been brought into this world with love and passion. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do and always remember, to be the unique being you are!

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