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🖤⛓💀Gothic Dreams Set💀⛓🖤

This is a pre-order sale. After payment the process of creating can begin.

This is a handmade specialized product.

2-3 weeks for making (depending on workload) plus 10-14 working days for shipping overseas.

Shipping within New Zealand is 2-4days


Straps are adjustable for the perfect fit.

Made to measure.

Please pick a size or leave your measurements in notes at checkout or contact for more details.



GOTHIC Dreams: 2 Piece set

GST Included |
  • Only while fabric stock lasts;

    Some differences from the image such as crystal color and size (most likely larger then shown )

    Different black lace trim but similar etc.
    Please contact for more details. 

  • This very special custom order is made from:

    High quality black elsatic straps

    Crocodile print PVC Vega leather fabric

    Metal embellishments

    Metal hardware; belt buckles and rings

    Black lace trims

    Real Amythest Crystal

    Fully lined with black felt fabric.

    This is a set :



    For a perfect fit please leave a note or message your measurements